Trucks are frequently seen on our nation’s roadways and interstate highways. Commercial vehicles play a crucial role in the economy, transporting commodities from one location to another in order to satisfy the demands of the rising population. Heavy trucks, while necessary for society’s existence, are also a risk of accidents. Truck accident attorneys can help us in such situations. Let us look into one of the types of truck accidents.

Truck Rollovers

A truck rollover can be among the most devastating and horrifying accidents conceivable. The center of gravity of tractors and other big corporate trucks is significantly greater than that of typical passenger vehicles. Truckers must exercise extreme caution when navigating tight corners or executing unexpected lurches. When drivers make too abrupt bends or accelerate too quickly for the circumstances, the truck might overturn and tumble the entire vehicle around onto a single side, posing a severe and possibly fatal threat to all motorists on the roadway.

In certain circumstances, rollover disasters occur as a result of truckers acting irresponsibly or carelessly, such as rushing, driving when preoccupied or tired, or driving when they are under the influence of psychoactive drugs. In some circumstances, if a truck overturns, disaster might happen irrespective of how safely the truck driver is driving.

A truck, for instance, that has been overweight or poorly packed by a freight team can wobble alarmingly as it enters a curve. Several rollover incidents occur as a consequence of tire flameouts, which can occur as a consequence of faulty tire care or design or production flaws.

Marriage License And Nullity: How To Deal With It?

Not all marriages in this world are successful. Some face trouble because of getting a second marriage, while others make a gimmick to marry the person. Everything is well-planned for the marriage ceremony. Yet it is not legal or not registered.

Most of these cases are under nullity or void of marriage that will be tackled under empty anchor in the Family law in Texas.

Texas marriage requirements

Applying for a marriage license in Texas is not difficult if you have the requirements to comply. Applying for a marriage license, both man and woman must have a valid form of ID, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or military card, or Social Security card. Also, the age requirement must be 18 years old and above to marry.

If you are between 16 to 18, a court order granting permission to marry or parental consent is another requirement. If you are younger than 16, a court order granting permission to marry is needed. Here are a few of the other requirements:

  • Texas residency
  • Premarital education
  • Waiting period

Where to get a marriage license?

To apply for a marriage license, the couple should go to the office clerk of the country personally. There are important papers or documents to bring when you apply for a marriage license; both man and woman must have a valid form of ID.

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Nullity of marriage

When speaking up with a marriage license to get married, there is also nullity of marriage. Both parties must understand that nullity of marriage is possible. Generally, the nullity of marriage has different grounds:

  • Incestuous marriages
  • Marriages against public policy
  • Bigamous marriages
  • Void subsequent marriage

Declaration of nullity of marriage is determined by the annulment of marriage. It is considered when the marriage is valid and exists until being annulled. Grounds for annulment of marriage exist during the marriage, including:

  • Lack of parental consent
  • Insanity
  • Fraud
  • Duress
  • Impotence
  • Serious and incurable STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

The declaration of nullity of marriage is not the same as legal separation. Legal separation is a legal remedy for couples who suffered from a problematic marriage. Legal separation has also grounds that may have arisen after the marriage, which is also filed on the grounds. Legal separation allows the couple to live separately and apart with their own assets.

However, legally separated couples are not allowed to remarry. The marriage of a legally separated couple is still subsisting and valid. To understand more of this, go through the topics under an empty anchor.

Being a citizen of a country, it is your duty to abide by the rules and regulations put forth by the government for the welfare and security of the people. Thus, the legal Law of a country is a structure of directions formed and imposed by social institutions to shape the discipline of its people. Laws are being made by the constitution for all the fields like business, education, politics, and society. It is to maintain order and uniformity among everyone in a society; the representatives create these rules, and violation of the laws is condemned. Laws are providing justice equally to every citizen, be it a beggar or rich man, bringing them under one roof called Nation.

  • Custom: They consider it being the main and the actual source of law. It is a set of unrecorded rules that are binding or non-obligatory, enforced by state or public, respectively.
  • Legislation: It is the modern form of source that is assisted by the authority of the autonomous council, and it is straight away passed by the State.
  • Judicial precedent: In this system, they bound judges to follow the set of rules or decisions previously made and recorded by other judges regarding similar cases.

Laws are not always the same among different countries they differ from one another based on the changes, geographical conditions, and much more. Laws regarding women, children’s safety, and education were given more importance. Acts like:

  • Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women: This was passed by United Nations General Assembly, and the act is to safeguard women from any form of physical and psychological violence like sexual assault, infanticide, acid attack, or whatever that is done against them will get reported and they are sentenced to severe actions. Starting from voting rights to the unbiased freedom that women have gained now is because of the evolution of rules favoring women’s growth, letting them shine.
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child: This protocol is to defend children’s rights. These rights also favored children falling under the categories like disability, adoption, refugee. Children are the future of a nation, so they gave their requirements and preferences equal importance like adults.
  • Right to education: This law is to educate people who cannot complete even their primary education at the levels of schools and college. It incorporates equality in education among all students belonging to different social statuses so that everyone can enjoy the same privileges with no discrimination.